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Top 3 Most Memorable Goosebumps Books

After a nostalgic trip down Goosebumps Lane, these are my picks for the top three ultimate novels in the original series.

Edgar Allan Poe

Most know his face and his more famous works, but even some true horror fans don’t know much about Poe

Horror Subgenres: Southern Gothic

Southern Gothic is a flavor of horror that many would recognize, but maybe not seek out.

Lovecraft: The Cosmic Horror Racist

Many will say Lovecraft was a fantastic 20th century science fiction author. Many will also point out the guy was one of the biggest racists round these literary parts.

Barnes and Noble’s New Horror Section is…Interesting?

Let’s talk about the biggest book superstore left in the midst of America’s digital revolution: Barnes and Noble. Barnes and Noble has a history of offering great priced books and frequent discounts. Yet, their horror section, up until recently, did not exist.

Cell and its Tragic, Underrated Reputation

A lot of people will be surprised to discover that Cell is one of my favorite novels. Stephen King’s 2006 zombie romp is a fun read that doesn’t overstay its welcome.

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