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Veronika Franz & Severin Fiala: Best Horror Directors of the Decade?

I’ll come out and say it: Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala just might be the best horror directors of the decade (so far).

Sator Review: The Scariest Enigma I’ve Ever Seen

The best fictional stories are birthed from reality. Director Jordan Graham uses a real familial connection to evoke terror in his Sundance winning film Sator.

Best Netflix Original Horror Films

Here’s my countdown of the top five must-watch Netflix Original horror movies, available for streaming… screaming?… today.

The Fourth Wall: Four Horror Films That Break It

The following four horror films break the fourth wall brilliantly, and will absolutely stick with you after watching.

5 Gems to Get You Into A24 Horror

If you haven’t heard of A24, an indie distributor that’s been building up horror cred for years, you need to stop what you’re doing and go research them immediately. They have grown their catalogue to include some of modern horror’s most innovative and thought provoking titles.

What is the SCARIEST Horror Movie of All Time?

The Games and Guts staff formulated this list of 15 movies that they deemed worthy of the “scariest of all time” title. Vote for your pick!

Top 3 Most Memorable Goosebumps Books

After a nostalgic trip down Goosebumps Lane, these are my picks for the top three ultimate novels in the original series.

Edgar Allan Poe

Most know his face and his more famous works, but even some true horror fans don’t know much about Poe

International Horror: The German Influence

German horror has a very specific brand that has been influential on the entire genre.

International Horror: 3 French Masterpieces Not to Underestimate

French horror is weird. But amazing. And always a trip. These three films are the epitome of what French horror is capable of:

South Korean Gems to Love: International Horror

With it’s dark, dramatic themes and tones taken straight out of the grittiest thrillers, South Korea has got it going on in terms of horror movies.

Top Five Sexy Horror Villains

Is it a bit messed up to look at these killers as sexy? Maybe, but who can blame us?

Dance in Horror

It’s true: most horror movies I’ve seen that incorporate dance as an integral aspect of the plot stuck with me.

Movies to Watch on Halloween When COVID-19 Prevents You From Partying

Halloween is fast approaching, but due to the pandemic these halloween movies will become your new form of spooky celebration. Different moods for different folks, so this top ten list encompasses all tastes.

Politics in Horror

In a genre that’s often still seen as mindless terror, it’s surprising how many political messages you can find.

Disturbing Cults in Horror

Cults in horror can either go really well or really bad.

Candyman is Relevant as Ever… We Need the Sequel

Released in 1992, Candyman still holds up today. It’s as relevant as ever, and its planned sequel is more than necessary.

#Alive is Pretty Damn #Good

What do you get when you throw a total #gamer into a total #zombie apocalypse? You get Cho-Ilhyung’s #Alive.

Horror Movies So Scary They Got Banned

Most of us watch horror movies for one reason: to get scared. But how far is too far? These are some of my favorite horror movies that, for a variety of reasons, were deemed too disturbing and ultimately got banned:

The Rocky Horror Pandemic Show

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is the representative film of cult culture. Why is this strange, raunchy musical from the 70s revered and beloved today? Can it be relevant in a pandemic stricken world?

Found Footage in Horror: When It Works and When It Doesn’t

Found footage refers to the subgenre of discovering “lost” video of an event. Stick around for these underrated found footage thrillers:

Horror Subgenres: Southern Gothic

Southern Gothic is a flavor of horror that many would recognize, but maybe not seek out.

a night vision lit creepy hallway

Grave Encounters: the Ultimate “Found Footage Parody”

Found footage films usually partake in tropes in order to seem genuine. Shaky camera work, faux realistic acting, and badly edited monsters abound! Good found footage films realize these tropes and do their best to subvert or capitalize on them. Grave Encounters does the latter ridiculously well.

An Ode to Ice Cream Man: Giving It a Second Chance

Haven’t heard of it? I don’t blame you. Here is my ode to Ice Cream Man, and why it deserves a second chance.

Lovecraft: The Cosmic Horror Racist

Many will say Lovecraft was a fantastic 20th century science fiction author. Many will also point out the guy was one of the biggest racists round these literary parts.

Barnes and Noble’s New Horror Section is…Interesting?

Let’s talk about the biggest book superstore left in the midst of America’s digital revolution: Barnes and Noble. Barnes and Noble has a history of offering great priced books and frequent discounts. Yet, their horror section, up until recently, did not exist.

The Best (And Worst) Unique Slashers

These unique slashers turn the subgenre on its head in the best way possible. I’ve never seen anything like them:

Top 5 Best Horror Genre Combos

Horror is best known for flying solo in its pursuits of terror. However, when combined with the awesome power of these other genres, it can create some of the most memorable pieces of media ever.

In the Tall Grass Shouldn’t be a Movie

King’s novels are notorious for being difficult to turn into movies. So what made Netflix think they could take on the task of turning a novella into a full length movie?

Cell and its Tragic, Underrated Reputation

A lot of people will be surprised to discover that Cell is one of my favorite novels. Stephen King’s 2006 zombie romp is a fun read that doesn’t overstay its welcome.

Best “Based on True Events” Horror Movies

For some films, the reality is surprisingly scarier than the fiction.

The Best Horrible Horror Movies

With the number of movies made and released every year, it’s not surprising that a couple of them aren’t exactly top tier.

Top 5 Horror Comedies

“Horror comedy” is a personal favorite subgenre of mine. These are my top 5 favorites.

Outlast: Why I Can’t and Won’t Finish it

I would like to revisit Outlast, the game that preluded two more games with the same gruesome elements. Also, I’ve never finished it.

The Devil’s Backbone is a Perfect Ghost Story

Guillermo del Toro’s The Devil’s Backbone is, all things considered, the best ghost story to hit the big screen.

Resident Evil Adaptations Just Don’t Work

There is a new Resident Evil Netflix show coming. Guess what? It doesn’t follow the games. Does this come as a surprise? No. Resident Evil, with its vast success in the gaming industry, refuses to follow its own plots in live action media.

Top 10 Worst Horror Movie Cliches

The amount of overused tropes and cliches continuously bug me. Of the hundreds of cliches out there, these are my 10 least favorite:

Climax: Why I Won’t Watch It Again

Climax struck a nerve for me, but why was it so effective in its horror? Here’s a (spoiler free) run-down of what I noticed.

Dead by Daylight and its Toxic Community

Dead by Daylight places one killer in a map with four puny survivors. Read on to see why this slasher fix is a double edged, rotting sword. (image courtesy of Behaviour Interactive)

closeup of brown spider

Phobias in Horror Movies

Most humans in the world have at least one irrational fear and horror movies know that. Here are some of the top phobias that are used throughout the genre.

Resident Evil Village Holds Eerie Similarities with Resident Evil 4

Similarities between Resident Evil Village and 4 were likely to crop up. This isn’t a bad thing though.

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