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About Games and Guts: The Blog

Games and Guts, established during the 2020 pandemic, is a comedic horror journalism site covering films, books, and videogames. Reporting unique op-eds and compelling quick content, the site is rich with stuff to look at and things to read. With its team of writers, this blog covers all and probably more than anyone asked for.

About Games and Guts: The Writers

About Games and Guts: a team of three writers set on sharing unwanted opinions on creepy and disgusting topics in the media industry.

John Castro

John Castro, Lead Writer and Editor, has been obsessed with horror since he could fathom being obsessed with anything. He is a writer, a gamer, and a novice web designer. He holds a B.A in Professional Writing from Michigan State University and a B.A in Sleeping In from the college of his house.

joey Warren

Joey Warren has a BA in Professional and Public Writing and a serious obsession with horror movies. She believes that you can tell a lot about societal views of the past and present based on the horror movies a generation creates. If you like a bit of psychology and sarcasm with your horror content then keep up with her articles.

Ben Goldman

Ben Goldman is a journalism and documentary production student at Michigan State University. He is also a horror fanatic, specifically loving all things psychological horror, with a soft spot for horror comedies. His favorite horror film is Silence of the Lambs.

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