The Best (And Worst) Unique Slashers

If you’ve watched a lot of slashers, I don’t blame you in thinking they get really repetitive. Many of them, especially the older ones, get caught up in the tropes of the genre and don’t bring anything new to the table.

That’s what makes these unique slashers so great. They turn the sub-genre on its head in the best way possible. These films feel far from repetitive. I’ve never seen anything like them:

Sleepaway Camp is a brilliant slasher film with a unique twist ending.
Sleepaway Camp is a brilliant slasher with a unique twist (image credits: American Eagle Films)

Sleepaway Camp: A Familiar Story With a Unique Ending

Just looking at its synopsis may make this sound like a Friday the 13th knockoff. But I urge you to watch the actual film, because it takes the “sleepaway camp slasher” trope and turns it on its head. The film’s twist is simply genius, and makes it worthy of being on this list of unique slashers.

I’ll keep this write-up short so I don’t spoil anything for you. But please go watch this one.

I love Tourist Trap, and it's one of the most unique slashers I've seen.
Murderous mannequins come alive in this unique slasher film (image credits: Charles Band Productions)

Tourist Trap: My Favorite Slasher

This underrated late-70s gem is one of the more tame films on this list… but it’s surprisingly one of the best. I love this movie. The music is top notch, and the sound effects are jarringly unprecedented (especially for 1979). Oh, and the killer mannequins? Very creepy.

Though a majority of the plot points venture into cliche territory, its unique concept more than makes up for it. A defunct roadside museum comes alive with mannequins and dolls with murderous intentions. What’s not to love about that? Watch this one. Immediately.

Gingerdead Man is a compelling concept but its execution is just not good. At all.
It’s hard to take this gingerbread killer seriously, but the film expects you to try (image credits: Shoot Productions)

The Gingerdead Man: Cringey Yet Compelling

If Tourist Trap is the best film on this list, The Gingerdead Man is definitely the worst.

Tourist Trap may be riddled with cliches, but it commits to its unique concept and it delivers. The Gingerdead Man is just as riddled with cliches and has just as compelling of a concept, but its execution is not good. At all.

The plot: a killer’s ashes are baked into a gingerbread man, and somehow this allows his spirit to possess said gingerbread man. If it sounds ridiculous, that’s because it is. There were many points in the film that caught me chuckling… but I don’t think the humor was intentional. It wasn’t bad enough to be “so bad it’s good”: the whole thing just felt off.

Still, a list of unique slasher films wouldn’t be complete without this iconic film being included.

Jack Frost is a fun slasher film.
Jack Frost is a fun and unique slasher film (image credits: Frost Bite Films Ltd.)

Jack Frost: A Fun and Unique Slasher

So a killer gingerbread man didn’t make for a good slasher film. What makes a killer snowman work any better?

I don’t know… but Jack Frost is a fun slasher. Perhaps it’s because it doesn’t take itself as seriously as The Gingerdead Man. And that’s good… because this is not a film to take seriously. Like I said, this is simply a fun slasher. It’s not the greatest thing ever made. It’s certainly not scary, but it’s a good time, and sometimes that’s all you really need from a movie.

Have you seen any of these unique slashers? What’s your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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