The Best Horrible Horror Movies

Because deep down we all know we love a good trashy horror movie

With the number of movies made and released every year, it’s not surprising that a couple of them aren’t exactly top tier. In fact, some of them suck…a lot. Despite this, there’s a charm to them. We don’t know why we love these horror movies, we just do. With that being said, here are just a couple of the worst horror movies that I actually liked. 

Diane Hetfield being lifted out of the water by a killer shark (Credit: Universal Pictures)

Jaws: The Revenge

Jaws: The Revenge has a 0% critical score and only a 15% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. There’s a really good reason for this…this movie is trash. We’re following a shark that’s hunting down the family of the man that killed the shark in the original film. That’s right, this shark is going after the family, not Martin Brody who actually killed the shark. Too bad for the shark that Roy Scheider refused to do a second film, so they just wrote into the plot that he’d died from a heart attack. So, if this plot is so trash, why do I like it so much? It’s hilarious. Have you ever seen a group of adults, who live on land might I add, so afraid of one shark? And said shark looks like some kind of rigor mortis version of Left Shark. All their problems could be solved if they just move to the desert, but instead they must stay. It’s horrible, but makes me laugh.

Andrew Dunbar and Stephanie Bennett arm themselves against the leprechaun (Credit: Lionsgate Home Entertainment)

Leprechaun: Origins

Leprechaun: Origins is an example of why you shouldn’t try and take a comedic horror and give it a serious backstory. The Leprechaun series was known for its raunchy humor, outlandish premises, and amazing character acting by Warwick Davis as the Leprechaun. However, Leprechaun: Origins gets rid of the comedy and the traditional leprechaun imagery. Sadly, all that leaves is a shitty monster hunt, for a creature that we don’t even get to see for most of the movie. Despite this, the movie has managed to charm me with some of its characters and its ability to throw in some interesting scares. Is it a good movie? Of course not. Is it strangely entertaining to watch a Golem looking creature run after some punk teenagers? Yup. If you can get over never properly seeing the leprechaun and the massive mood shift from the previous Leprechaun movies, then you might enjoy the absurdity that is Leprechaun: Origins.

Julian Richings as a cannibal killer (Credit: Summit Entertainment)

Wrong Turn

Wrong Turn and it’s sequels are made for people who like gore. That’s really all it is, just blood, guts, and cannibalism. We never really get to know our characters and or our villians for that matter. They’re just there to be a generic backwoods, incesty family of cannibals that kill a cast of snobby teenagers nobody likes. And yet, sometimes that’s exactly what you want. I love horror that makes me think and has a deeper message, but on the days when your brain is a pile of mush, don’t you just want to see some stupid teens get clobbered? Just me? Well, if you’re a gorehound, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

By Joey Warren

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